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Our Lifestyle is Dictated by What We Believe

How we live our life – the car we drive, the balance in our bank account, our vacation home, status in our community – is always a “mirror reflection” of our self-image. And our self-image is quite simply “what we believe we can do.”

I don’t mean what we ‘wish’ we had, or our ‘best laid plans,’ or what we tell others about ourselves and our success or what we pray for privately – that’s all ‘thinking’ which occurs in our conscious mind. I mean what we believe, in our heart of hearts (ancient Greek phrase referring to our ‘knowing’ or ‘intuition’). And that lies in the subconscious mind, along with all the other habits and beliefs we have accumulated throughout our lifetime.

And it’s not so simple even while sounding so, because our self-image – where our beliefs about ourselves and the world reside – is HIDDEN from our view. It’s not unlike saying “change your attitude” to someone and expecting them to DO something about it! Attitude has 3 parts and if you are unaware of even one of them, you are not able to make the shift.

We think in pictures. If you close your eyes and I ask you to picture your car, you see your car, not the letters c-a-r, right? We also have an image or picture of ourselves and what we are capable of doing. We all have infinite potential to start our lives, but then the beliefs of those we love become ours until we reach the age of reason (about 6). Most of our beliefs are not our own AND they seem to be limiting rather than nurturing in experiencing living out our birthright –Abundance.

However your life is occurring for you … life is the mirror image of your self-image and your belief around your own capabilities. It is logical then if we wish to improve or better our outcome in any area of life, we must create new beliefs and reshape our picture of ourselves, or our self-image.

To create new beliefs and reshape our self image we must be clear what we do believe we can do. Order is Heaven’s 1st Law, and not knowing the location and makeup of self image, leaves us confused. Some people are willing to ‘work through’ the confusion to reach order on a higher level of awareness of their true potential. That’s about 3% of people. Those are the ones who are happy, healthy and wealthy. They know it because their lives (results) show up that way.

To begin determining your own self-image, start by making a list of 5 things which you believe you are capable of on the left side of the paper. Then, on the right side of the paper, list your real and current results. If they match, you are part of the 3%! Celebrate! If they do not, no worries, you will at least have an indication of where you really are (thinking not believing … yet).


Don’t be hard on yourself. This is an inquiry. First we must find out what we really believe. Once we determine what we think we believe and see results that do not match, we’re on to something! Now we are clear. We have order. Now we can move to the next step.


Leslie Flowers, personal growth expert, helps mature women re-engineer their lives following a whole life shock and first phase of healing. You may read her archived voluminous personal growth teachings — Drops of Awareness — at PathsofChange.com, which house each step on her own path of change over the past 10 years. She conducts face to face 8-week mastermind studies steeped in success and universal principles, and emotional intelligence. Mastermind details and registration information.

She can be reached at Leslie@PathsofChange.com or at 919-271-4948.


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