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6 Beliefs that Limit Your Success

What do you believe about your own abilities? Do you even know? Most of us believe in a higher being — God, Spirit, Universe.
And most believe we have a speck of God within each of us. So do you believe you can do anything? 

  • You want to be a ballet dancer. You are not. Why?
  • You want a bigger and better lifestyle. You don’t have it. Why?
  • You want a fund for college for your children. You don’t have it. Why?
  • You want to buy a home for your parents. You’ve not done that. Why?
  • You want a home at the beach for your extended family to share. You don’t have it. Why?
ABUNDANCE is our birthright! No where is it written that poverty is good and abundance is bad!
Do you think …
  1. it will happen someday, one day, with luck?
  2. it can’t happen for you — it’s for other people?
  3. you’ve studied and tried to no avail, so it’s pointless?
  4. your track record is average, so why bother trying to be above average?
  5. praying alone will bring you what you want?
  6. wanting things for yourself is selfish?

Beliefs about our abilities take decades to form. And until you are 6 years old or so (the age of reason) when you actually develop conscious awareness, the beliefs of how the world works you hold all your life come from those you love. Why they aren’t even yours to begin with!

Generation to generation we build beliefs that look like this:

  • I’m not smart enough
  • I’m all alone
  • I’m a failure
  • No one loves me
  • Being ‘fat’ is bad
  • I’m not meant to thrive

Now here’s the most important thing about all of this.

The things you want are contingent on your belief in your ability to achieve them!

And if you don’t believe you can, you will not .. not ever. We never outperform what we believe we can do.

There is hope however. Human beings have the gift of conscious awareness. The more aware we are, the more we realize we actually can have the things we want. That takes a bit of effort on your part. It starts with being honest with yourself and realizing that all your troubles come from within you and have nothing to do with outside conditions and circumstances.

We have no control over outside conditions and circumstances. Yet we let outside coditions, people and circumstances shape our beliefs about ourselves!

The ONLY thing over which we have control … is what we think. And it is our thoughts (positive or negative) that form our beliefs. Watch what you are thinking … starting today!

Thoughts (+ or -) => Feelings  (+ or -)  => Actions (feeling good or not good) = Material Results


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