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Proof of Faith

I remember being frustrated when I heard people say “just have faith.” Okay, I thought. How do you do that? Just have faith? For inside the word ‘just,’ lies a whole bunch of things to do and think about to ‘cause’ this thing called faith.  Faith in ourselves, our God, and our universe.

Faith is acquired in 3 simple steps according to Napoleon Hill’s work in Think and Grow Rich. They are simple and yet you likely already know that just because it’s simple does NOT mean people do what they know to do! That’s emotional intelligence and discipline wrapped up into one.

When we source faith in anything, the first step is it being ‘likely’ to or we expect it to happen. Then as we think about it, imagine ourselves in or around ‘it,’ consistently over time, we learn to have a ‘firm opinion’ that it will happen. And finally, exercising step 2 repeatedly has us BELIEVE it is ours. Nothing can change our mind. That’s pure faith. That message when sent to the Universe, returns precisely what we believe.

Here’s proof in a fun case study I’ve written for you so you can see that what we want and think about, positive or negative, is already on its way toward us. If we settle for anything less, what we wanted is then diverted or circulated to the ‘next’ person who wants it. Keep in mind we must be expecting what we want and most often NOT from typical sources.

As Thoreau said, “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success UNEXPECTED in common hours.”

The Study

Already aware gal pal called for a short coaching conversation. She had worked for months tirelessly and in love with a new company that would yield her over $200k in commissions in those few short months. I’d be working tirelessly too!

Then, out of the blue, she was fired! She never got anything in writing because she trusted the company and of course she did not get $.01 of the $200k due her. Yes, she did earn it all. You’ve been here … if she had the money to litigate, she wouldn’t need to litigate.

So her story, mantra, or the thing she said to herself repeatedly was “I’ll never see a dime of the money I earned from that company!”

When I heard those words, I knew what needed to be done to be sure she DID get the money … but not from THAT company, from an unexpected source!

Focusing on that mantra had her unable to even consider looking elsewhere for remuneration.

On our call I suggested she change that mantra and every time she caught herself saying “I’ll never see a dime of the money I earned at that company,” she would now say, “I will receive all the money I have earned, and it will come from another source.” And so she did!

Three days later she sent me a note that she had to talk with me right away. That the mantra ‘had worked!’  She had been very intentional about changing this ‘mantra,’ and guess what?

Here’s the rest of the story.

Seems someone she knew mentioned an mlm outfit that has a big payoff … my friend remembered “I signed up for that 18 months ago but I never did anything with it.” She called the person who enrolled her and to her surprise, he said, “where have you been? You have $1m in product in one leg! All you have to do is 40% of the work to earn big time (and a car) from this company!”

The Lesson: Taking her focus OFF ‘never getting paid’ and putting focus on ‘I will be paid’ AND ‘watching for it in unexpected sources’,’ proved that what she had earned faithfully was already sitting and waiting for her, but not from the original, expected source!

Let me know if you have a story that ‘proves faith can be created and developed’ please. I’d love to hear about it.

Female readers … would you take 3 minutes and answer 4 questions for my product line in development?

Either way, thank you for your continued readership.



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