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What Men Know About Success That Women Still Do Not

I got to thinking … that while women have ‘come a long way baby,’ even for 2012, still women  are paid 3/4 of what men are paid for the same work. That’s measurable.

My thoughts are around the skills and training that are not measurable … skills that have belonged to men, that gave them good results in business over time, while women were managing the home, which is a lot for sure, the men were learning about principled living, achievement, and leadership and applying it into business.

I see the application of the 100th monkey as a possibility here in that so infused over the generations is this man to boy training about virtues, principals and universal law, it may have become genetically inherent in today’s man. They already know it without the training.

With the significant depletion of male role models over the past 100+ years, many men find they have ‘forgotten’ some of these inherent skills and seek to rediscover them. They are the smart ones.

Whether true or not, I am clear that women are missing that vital information. It is not inherent and can be learned. I stumbled upon the tools men have been using for certainly the last 300-400 years, or maybe not. I was likely ‘guided’ to learn the tools to the extent that I become unconsciously competent in their operation and in their articulation. I am a teacher.

Franklin talked about virtuous living several hundred years ago. In fact, since the start of human society, living via virtue was always the foundation. Why? I believe because simply it makes us feel good. Reporter Hill synthesized the principles adopted by our most successful citizens about a hundred years ago, to see what it was they were doing that the rest of the population were not, and documented them in a volume noted the #1 best seller of all time, second only to the Bible. That book is Think and Grow Rich.

Now it is time for women to add these tools to their expertise, to finally be paid the exact same as men for the same work, and truly go toe-to-toe in the business world with men. For our children and theirs, one day it is my prayer these skills will show up inherently for women as they have for men.

  • Women stepped forward in the 50’s when my mom took her first part time job for ‘pin’ money.  Our family did not depend on it.
  • Women stepped forward in the 60’s when I flew troops into Viet Nam, sang in a rock band, and lived in San Francisco.
  • Women stepped forward in the 70’s and went to work full time (and it soon became depended upon), where we saw beginning the breakdown of the modern marriage and family.

Women CEOs know these tools. They made it their business to learn them. And as a result they excelled.

If you are a woman who is highly curious, knows she doesn’t know a fraction of what is out there, is aware that men know many things women don’t know, and are still in confusion as to Why THEY haven’t reached full blown success as so many others have, you may want to study with me.

A number of people asked me to do a deep dive lunch and learn about these tools. I have agreed for when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Here are the vital tools women have been excluded from learning and applying to reach success:

Principles of Success. Which are the most important? Why? And how do I apply them in my life and business to upscale my business?

Effective Goal Achievement. What we know about goal setting for achievement is minimal and ineffective. The steps for powerful goal setting are actually the OPPOSITE of what we have learned and believe and the direct cause of NOT achieving goals.

What we Believe is ALWAYS  a match to our level of success. We must be clear as to how we came to believe what we do so we can DUPLICATE  the process to create beliefs that serve success, rather than inhibit it.

Consider trading 3 hours Friday June 29 to dip into each of these areas to begin your own exponential GROWTH in your own potential. You are simply ‘missing’ vital information that men have had.




©Leslie Flowers June 2012, exponential personal growth expert, helps mature women re-engineer their businesses and their lives by steeping them in living life with principles and virtues. Faculty member in Mindset Mastery at the Ultimate Life company, with Bob Proctor, you can catch her programs on mastermind excellence and expert goal setting and achievement at their site. You may read her archived voluminous personal growth teachings — Drops of Awareness — at PathsofChange.com, which house each step on her own path of change over the past 10 years.



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