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Did They Change? Or Was It You?

You have a mentor … someone who took you under their wing to train you in their area of expertise. Maybe you’ve had more than one.

You are grateful.

Your mentor knows so much about you, your plans, your strategies. They help you plan your business and personal growth.

You have a friend … a like-minded friend … one with whom you can talk about important things. You believe they are looking for your greatness, as you are seeking theirs.

There comes a time, however, when something doesn’t ‘feel’ quite right about being with them – either the mentor or the friend.

That’s your intuition … your Truth … it is the God-like piece in us (in every one of our cells, making us co-creators).

You notice your mentor stopped walking the walk! And talking the talk! When did they stop, you wonder?

You have noticed your friend talks the talk, yet when faced with giving up money to maintain their self-proclaimed integrity … nothing doing … they are taking the money!

Or have they always been out of integrity and you were not aware enough to notice it?

Or is it that YOU have grown … and they have not?

What matters here is that YOU have continued growing and moving up the mountain of conscious awareness … back toward your Oneness with all there is … just the same way you came into this world … a genius and with infinite ability.

YOU changed and grew and left them behind. Your vision of your place in the world has expanded … you see more intent, in-authenticities, and lack of values which were likely always there, but hidden from your view. You have a ‘bigger picture.’

They say people come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.  Easy to say ‘let them go’ isn’t it … when you are telling another to do this? Yet these long term relationships that you so counted on are challenging to let go as the ‘desire to belong’ is strong in all of us.

As a mentor I have experienced being ‘duped’ by a person that studied with me. I missed that they simply loved money more than people. Maybe I didn’t want to see it or believe it. What do you think?

After being mentored, I have found in several cases that my own mentors were completely out of integrity, inauthentic and money lovers rather than people lovers. For what they taught me intellectually I remain grateful and always will be.

Let me be clear. If you say you love people first and use money as a tool second, it has to be that way “all the time.” When you need money, you are inauthentic and out of integrity and not living up to your values, if you allow money to compromise your values. Your needs now come first … over people, integrity and credibility.

The point here is not to second guess yourself when you get a ‘feeling’ that they have changed and are not who they purport or have been pretending to be.

  • The mentor who snatches your confidential ideas and uses them without your permission to make money for themselves.
  • The mentor who drops you when you hold their feet to the fire …  speaking back their own words to them.
  • The student who promises to share your work one way and them simply breaks their word and does the opposite of their promise.
  • The friend who ‘shows up’ initially as integrative, yet over time, whose actions prove they are really and truly coming from lack and wanting money over all other things.

Always speak your Truth. You are likely speaking for others who have not yet found the courage to express their own voice. – Leslie Flowers


©Leslie Flowers June 2012, exponential personal growth expert, helps mature women re-engineer their businesses and their lives by steeping them in living life with principles, virtues, and higher awareness. Faculty member in Mindset Mastery at the Ultimate Life Company, with Bob Proctor, you can catch her programs on mastermind excellence and expert goal setting and achievement at their site. You may read her archived voluminous personal growth teachings — Drops of Awareness — at PathsofChange.com, which house each step on her own path of change over the past 10 years.


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