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Projection and the Hypocrite

Projection is fascinating phenomenon … the things we like or dislike in others, match the things we like or dislike about ourselves! It’s automatically top of mind for us.

Case in point – had a fellow who thought he wanted to be in a study group I facilitate. After the 1st session he did not return. Sometime later I asked the person who brought him what happened.

He said in so many words that I reminded him of his mother-in-law and he kept seeing her and could not concentrate. I understood!

He didn’t realize he was projecting of course.

The hypocrite judges another as wrong and gathers agreement from others to feel ‘right.’ Their awareness is such that they are blind to the fact that they do just what they are complaining about! Judging and gossiping!

They say one thing and then do another. You’ve seen this in others. Have you seen it in yourself?

If you do, I commend you, as knowing this about ourselves has us grow exponentially!

The hypocrite is looking for the very things in others they don’t like about themselves. So when I saw someone complaining on FB about what looked to them like someone judging another, off they went, gathering agreement from anyone and everyone about how ‘wrong’ that person was to do that.

I sat back and chuckled to myself as the observer, as I have seen this person do the very thing they complained about half a dozen times at least.

The greatness we see in others matches our own level of greatness.

What we dislike in others matches our own dislike of ourselves.

Next time someone rubs you the wrong way, stop a moment and do a ‘check up from the neck up.’

Do they remind you of someone close? If you look you will see it as we are endowed with all the answer to any questions we might have.


©Leslie Flowers June 2012, exponential personal growth expert, helps mature women re-engineer their businesses and their lives by steeping them in living life with principles, virtues, and higher awareness. Faculty member in Mindset Mastery at the Ultimate Life Company, with Bob Proctor, you can catch her programs on mastermind excellence and expert goal setting and achievement at their site. You may read her archived voluminous personal growth teachings — Drops of Awareness — at PathsofChange.com, which house each step on her own path of change over the past 10 years.


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4 thoughts on “Projection and the Hypocrite

  1. As the famous saying goes, “when you point a finger at someone else, three are pointing back at you.”

  2. Thanks for the reminder. Right you are. How simple. Thanks for the addition Michelle. It makes a big difference for me!

  3. I have recently decided to take on the exercise of being okay with other people’s hypocrisy. That was challenging for me, because hypocritical behavior has tended to produce a reaction in my brain similar to chalk squeaking on a chalkboard. But I finally had to accept that I can’t do anything about someone else’s hypocrisy, and that it would be far more useful to learn to notice when I am the one being a hypocrite. I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of that, because I’ve been in the practice of pointing fingers at other people for so long that it’s taking some adjustment. Very relevant post, thanks 🙂

    • Thanks for taking the time and comment Dave. We get better at responding and observing over reacting as we grow in awareness (through continued learning) of our own infinite potential. Seeing or distinguishing this for me has me get a better handle on my own behavior … when on occasion 🙂 I also tend to point the finger. Glad you found value! Those who read the post and the comments will get plenty for themselves … when they are ready!

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