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Raising a family, now on their own, Sundays was  the day I sat down with the weekly paper and clipped coupons for the goods I already buy routinely. Some folks clip them for store brands as well. I like name brands so I stopped there.

Either way, clipping coupons will put you in DANGER … of living ABUNDANTLY!

This subtle, lifelong, societal programming undermines our results and our lifestyle and causes us to NOT THRIVE.

She’s crazy you may be thinking! It makes sense to be frugal and get good value.

The act of clipping coupons sends the message to the Universe – consistently, in spaced intervals, repeatedly and over time that YOU CAN’T AFFORD THIS PRODUCT at FULL PRICE. That is how we learn anything … over time … in short consistent spaced bursts. By default you are creating that Belief!

I clipped coupons for 2 DECADES and wondered why I was surviving and making ends meet. I’m a good person and give a lot. Where’s MY abundance, I thought?

Then I did in-depth study for a decade on principled living, goal achievement, self image reshaping, the subconscious mind, and ALL the universal laws that govern our world – not just the misunderstood and lonely Law of Attraction. And I learned that whether we repeat things and take actions consistently and over time whether purposely or by default … is what has us live a lifestyle that MATCHES what we say and do. Thoughts become things after all.

Whether on purpose or by default, if you CLIP COUPONS, you will have matching results … just getting by. Those who live abundantly and are wealthy, happy, and healthy in all areas of life (how we were designed by the way while only about 3 of every 100 ever get there) DO NOT CLIP COUPONS.

I took this vow and have already seen money coming to me from more places than before.


Won’t you join me? Let’s muster ABUNDANT results and a lifestyle to match, rather than meager ones. Only one kind of results prevails and WE decide that by what WE THINK and DO.


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