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Everything sounds perfect … except for one thing, she said. “I’m AFRAID!”

“Yes,” I said, “I know. Did you know that really successful people look at ‘being afraid’ as a BIG GREEN LIGHT to grow? We muster courage when we are afraid and when we DO IT ANYWAY, we grow in awareness of our REAL and infinite potential!”
She did it … AFRAID!  That was my daughter when given an opportunity for which she had prayed and asked for two years.
A 16 year middle school science teacher, twice nationally certified, and recent teacher of the year, my daughter started seeing herself stuck in one job until retirement and she was not happy about that visual. [Many would be thrilled to have that kind of tenure, right?] She is well liked, well known, and well respected in her position, yet under normal teaching curricula; she was unable to teach only advanced children or her favorite subjects, in depth.

She was offered a position to ‘create’ a science curriculum for advance students in 6, 7, and 8th grades for an entire county. But it would be at a different school!

She was comfortable at her old school. She knew the curriculum, the teachers, the students and the administration. And they all knew her.

This would be a new school, a new curriculum to develop, new administration, teachers, and logistics. Nothing to count on except, if this new curriculum were done well, SHE would be the ONE to teach it to other science teachers all over the county? How perfect!

After our talk as you saw above, she made the Decision (8th principle of success in Think and Grow Rich) and took the job. While she mentions to me that as students matriculate out of middle school, they always come back to see her and she would miss seeing them, hey, she says out loud, she could put a picture of herself on her old classroom door with her new location so those kids would find her.

Remember this … when you ‘feel’ uncomfortable, there are only 2 ways to go …

1) Your comfort zone where you grow very little (if at all).
2) Out of your comfort zone where you muster courage, stretch, and grow into your own greatness.

Next time something you really want shows up and it scares you … will you do it ‘afraid?’


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