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Could you be an “Innocent Spouse?”

I was. And, at a time when I had no idea there WAS such a thing — The Innocent Spouse Law!

If you are married and not living together and one or the other does things of which you are unaware financially, leaving you pretty well destitute, you NEED THIS information!

A decade ago, separated and not yet divorced, my own hubby of 30 years blew through ALLour retirement and savings and let our family home deteriorate so that the sum total of my takeaway after 30 years (financially) was $4,000.

When he filed bankruptcy, the IRS came AFTER MEfor his shenanigans! It’s the law!

I did ONE thing that I KNEW to do – SEEK EXPERT ADVICE.

Off to my Edward Jones rep (where I squirreled away a big $500) with the dilemma — the LIFE CHANGER!! The IRS said I owed them $80,000 and I could pay it off at $5k/month! Well, heck, with that kind of a bill, I was ready to hit the streets with a knapsack. I made half of that in wages each month!

But the expert advisor said “Leslie, what you need is a tax attorney. Someone who knows tax law and is a CPA.”

I moved with alacrity! This was not FAIR! It was not my FAULT!  But indeed it was  MY FAULT because rather than paying attention to what HE was doing, I hid — head in the sand!

12 Months and $5k later, $50k was removed from my debt by the IRS! The tax attorney was happy, but I wasn’t. I had no interest in paying half of $30k remaining which was the net results! It wasn’t my doing, after all.

An appeal at $1500 six months later led to COMPLETE REMOVAL OF THE ENTIRE $80K from my debt by our Federal Government!

But wait, it gets BETTER. That LEFT $20k owed to the State! Did I forget to mention that?

When the State of NC saw how the IRS ruled, they removed THAT $20k from my debt as well!

From $100k to ZERO debt in 18 fast months to the tune of $6500.

All because I took my own teachings and advice and sought expert advice! I learned that this law is powerful for those who hid, like I did!


Here’s an article all about the law, in case this hits home for you … or for someone you know or love.


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2 thoughts on “Could you be an “Innocent Spouse?”

  1. ditchthemarriage on said:

    Wow! Thank you for this! The IRS recently seized my bank account because of my exes taxes! and I am also in NC

    • Get a hold of Ryan Dyson in Raleigh. He is the one who did the work on my behalf. $6500 against $100k worked for me. If this article helps YOU, it absolutely is the reason I shared it! Wishing you all the best.

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