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The 3 Coaches to Avoid Hiring

People hang out coaching shingles on a whim! Frankly it’s what has given the coaching profession a bad rap. Perhaps these coaches think that taking a course is all there is to do!  Beware, as a good coach HAS their own good coach and does not hang out their shingle until they are well on their way to figuring out their own ‘stuff,’ before they tackle helping others. The lure of money however has many people hanging out that shingle … putting money before people, too early to be effective.  That behavior is not just reserved for coaching, which I’m sure you have noticed.

Spotting a coach that is not ‘really’ qualified or experienced enough to coach effectively yet isn’t too difficult. Of course, you will always want to secure  sound references from folks you know with long term client results from working with that coach. Whether they are ready to coach or not, they have the right, living in our wonderful country, to hang out that shingle. It’s up to us as consumers to be judicious in whom we engage for our own personal growth.

The 3 coaches you may wish to avoid when hiring:

  1. The coach doesn’t stop talking or telling you what to do! This is the coach never shuts up.  They talk over others and appear to ‘need’ validation and to hear the sound of their own voice.  A good coach primarily asks the question for which they are completely aware, and to which the client already has the answer.
  2. The coach with no personal results! Regardless of what kind of a coach one may wish to be, one must have experienced results based on their own self study and inner work, to authentically help others.
  3. The coach with clients with no long- term results.  Without a long term coaching engagement, results don’t stick, so no solid testimonials over time are available. It took decades to form behaviors that coaching can reshape. Thinking a few sessions will change that is like winning the lottery. You never get something for nothing. You have to do the work. And lottery winners primarily lose it all and end up  as bad or worse than when they began.

Having done personal, one on one coaching for a number of years, I have to hand it to those who are doing this work! While this type of coaching pays the best, it takes the MOST work! I gave up the money and went to group coaching.


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2 thoughts on “The 3 Coaches to Avoid Hiring

  1. I would also think that a coach who doesn’t understand the client’s vision of success may have great personal results, but still be ineffective at helping a client get good results. I have had experiences with a number of different coaches and the biggest thing that was always a turn-off to me was a failure to make the effort to listen.

    • Spot on Dave! If the coach doesn’t stop talking (loves the sound of their own voice) they are unable to LISTEN. We cannot do both at the same time! A premier coach is one who LISTENS FIRST and then ASKS QUESTIONS that have the client GET their own answers based on keen listening. Point here … since how we act in one area of life is pretty much the same way we act in other areas, I would have to question good results from a coach who doesn’t listen. They don’t listen to others in general. No listening … hard pressed for positive results. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. Your point is terrific! I trust the readers will see this and check out YOUR blog, filled with wonderful content. Thank you!

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