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Gold ‘Win’ by a Fraction

She won the Gold at the Olympics by a FRACTION of an inch!

Four top world class gymnasts, as example, all perform brilliantly by all accounts, and standings fall within a fraction of one point.

What is that has Gabby Douglas edge out other world class gymnasts by a tiny fraction?

Is it setting good Goals? NO WAY!

Setting a huge goal is NOT WHAT HAS YOU WIN BY LESS THAN A SECOND. It is important certainly that to get to the Olympics you did set a big goal!

It’s something altogether different and a RARITY, yet within our reach, absolutely, that had Gabby edge out others and pick up the Gold.

Consider first that only a tiny fraction of those gymnasts training for the Olympic games ever get there.

And consider that the tiny fraction training are an even tinier representation of athletes; and even tinier still of human beings on the planet that are in the age rage and physically fit.

So we are talking about the smallest segment of human beings … LESS THAN 3% because…

THESE FOLKS are in the .01% … they do something NO ONE ELSE DOES!

Know it yet?  The Japanese use this tool and it has had them take charge in more areas than athletics.

It’s called Kaizen.

After training 6 hours daily for months, day in and day out, as example, what do you think she does at the end of the 6 hours that is DIFFERENT than those she beat for the Gold?

If you said “she did one extra equipment round each day,” YOU ARE CORRECT!

It is the EXTRA MILE … doing one EXTRA thing each day that others do not do, that has you win Gold.

So as you flop onto the couch patting yourself on the back for walking 1 mile each day … you are accomplished absolutely! You are disciplined and doing what you said you would do, likely even when you didn’t feel like it today. Bravo!

If, however, YOUR BIG GOAL is to get to the Olympics to complete, you’d better walk an extra 500 feet every day! Then YOU will take home the Gold!

That’s it! That’s all! Kaizen.


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