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Napoleon Hill – The Man

What kind of man was Napoleon Hill? Was he kind? Did he treat people well? Did he respect women? Did he apply his works? Was he a cusser? A womanizer? A cheat?

How would we know these things about him to begin with? We can read about him and what he reported.  Wait, you don’t know WHO he is? Not to worry!

Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich and the 1st ever consolidated Philosophy of Personal Achievement, was a cub reporter for a newspaper when he met Andrew Carnegie, the great steel magnate!

Carnegie offered this 20-something the opportunity to meet, know, and interview more than 500 of our country’s greatest achievers in diverse areas of life and business. And there would be no pay! Hill met with them more than once and charted their businesses over a 20 year period. Who in their right mind would take on a 20 year gig without pay? Perhaps that’s an indication of who Napoleon Hill – the Man – was.

Why did Carnegie hire Hill to do these interviews anyway?  To see what those people were doing that the rest of us WERE NOT! Now there is a Blueprint for advanced achievement and wealth … and guess what? While Think and Grow Rich is the 6th best selling book of all time, PEOPLE DO NOT STUDY IT. Oh, they may read it, OR, be one of the masses who ‘buy books and NEVER READ THEM them.’ Yes, it’s true. Buying … and even reading a book does not commit it to memory or to habitual behavior … the whole point of the book!

I listen to Hill’s old recordings of the philosophy of personal achievement as often as possible. In these recordings, Hill reveals some of ‘what makes a man.’

As a young boy, Hill’s mother died and his father quickly remarried and introduced his new wife, Napoleon’s step mother, to Hill, who had decided he was not GOING TO LIKE her.  Who could replace one’s own mother anyway?

As determined as Hill was to dislike is step mother, she was the first person to see the potential within him, encourage him, and be his biggest proponent. She was a huge influence on him for this and another important incident.

One day his stepmother’s dental plate fell to the floor and broke in two. Hill’s father was able to solve a way to bond it until another could be made. The plate worked so well, the father began to offer dentistry services. All went well, finances increased and the Hill’s were on their way toward living a more than meager life.

Another day a notice arrived by mail alerting the Hill’s that to practice dentistry, one had to be ‘certified.’ At that point Mr. Hill the father was ready to give up. The step mother however, launched him into action and encouraged and inspired to take the training! And he did, achieved his dentistry certificate, and moved his family into more and more comfortable surroundings.

Napoleon Hill learned acceptance and persistence from his step mother. Then when he stood around a cast iron kettle with others, sipping the cooked product, later to be sold for $500, including the kettle, by the doctor who created the libation to a local druggist – Hill met his wife to be. They were sipping coca cola.

Highly influenced by a powerful woman 100 years ago, and then offered the opportunity to connect with 500 US greats and their habits and practices of wealth creation over time, Napoleon Hill became a man’s man. While I am clear he was not a perfect man, he did walk the walk and talk the talk for to consolidate this volume of excellent teachings would require immersion and infusion of the principles and philosophy into his own being.

One of my favorite quotes by Hill, paraphrased, from Think and Grow Rich is this ….

Successful people make quick decisions and are very slow to change them, if at all.

On September 11, I will facilitate an ABSOLUTE Mastermind™ based on Think and Grow Rich over an 8 weeks, in person, my 30th of this kind. More information HERE  on this study.


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