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The Unexpected Lesson

“I have learned, that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” Henry David Thoreau

“Just smile,” I was thinking, as I pictured my friend Chris Wellington (right) who starts his weekly Facebook jokes with that phrase.

The Story

I’ve been asking the universe for some time now to send me a man to share good times with. It’s been more than 10 years since the dissolution of my 30 year marriage. Finally, my eye is no longer attracted to a man resembling my former husband. That’s a sign!!

And my coach said recently that my heart will open up when I’m ready.

One day, there was a comment on my FaceBook wall from a man. The content told me clearly this person was a baby in social media … maybe even an embryo! Nonetheless, I thanked him for his kind comments and let it go.

Let me say that 6 months ago, I might have rolled my eyes and deleted the post, annoyed. I would have reacted. What was different this time was that I responded.

My first thought when I read the comment was “how sweet.”

I shared this with my coach and she said “you’re ready!” It was the responding in lieu of reacting, I figured.

And, she said something about the Universe sending him and my heart opening. So I sat with that. So often the things I’ve wanted have shown up in unexpected ways. Was this another one?

When I returned to my wall, there was another comment, imploring me to call him. I did nothing. This is very unusual behavior for me for I’m rarely without something to say or write.

A day later I removed the posts from my wall and sent him a private note saying I would call.

Today I went to look for his number. I was in the right mindset to call him. I couldn’t find the number. Then I remembered we had one mutual friend! I checked her wall, and here it is my friends ….

With little exception, the same imploring notes he wrote on my wall, he entered on her wall as well!

I just had to … SMILE.

 The Lesson?  It doesn’t matter how your heart begins to open … it just matters that it does!




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4 thoughts on “The Unexpected Lesson

  1. ditchthemarriage on said:

    So is that the guy?

  2. You are so cute! Non issue now. Send me an email and I’ll share! Leslie@pathsofchange.com

  3. That is funny. He really is an embryo on social media if he didn’t realize that you could see the notes on your friend’s page!

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