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All God’s Children Get Stuck

I’ve said it … and heard other say it all too frequently … “I’m stuck!”

Stuck-ed-ness stems from Confusion – what to do next, how to do it, how to pay for it, what will people think, and on and on.

Have you noticed that we humans don’t get into Action until we have a clear picture in our mind as to our next step. We’re happy to move out on an idea IF and WHEN …. we know the next step, where to go, what to do, etc.

To say “get yourself unstuck or free yourself” is easy to say, HARD to do! Saying does not make it so.

Making this simple, most often we get ‘clear’ and then move into action, when we can ‘see’ the issue in all its glory.

So what if the issue is “I’m stuck generating $50k a year and can’t seem to go any higher.”

I can tell you “it’s simple, really, WHY you are stuck.” But that’s not enough for you (and me) because ‘saying it doesn’t make a difference.’ You have to BE SHOWN!

We are stuck because no matter what we tell ourselves or others, WE DO NOT BELIEVE WE ARE …

  • Capable
  • Worthy
  • Talented
  • Deserving
  • Supported
  • Loved …

or a plethora of other self demeaning beliefs we have about ourselves, all provable by the way via our own experiences!

It would make no sense at all if when we were born, we each received $10,000,000,000 in our baby buggy from God … and off we go, living into our birthright — Abundance!

The intricacies of our universe are diverse and exact and in God’s infinite wisdom, we were given the gift  of conscious awareness so that we can be, do or have whatever we want, as long as we do not violate the rights of others. We flourish most when we keep learning.

Only human beings can take an idea (thought energy) and move it through 4 stages (transmutation of radiant energy) into physical form. WE HAVE TO THINK to live in abundance.  We are all alchemists.

We humans NEVER OUT PERFORM what we BELIEVE we can do. Our bank account and lifestyle matches what we BELIEVE. And what we believe about our abilities WE CANNOT SEE!

So if you can’t SEE it, then how can you be clear enough to take action? Good question.

You need someone who is CLEAR on how human beliefs are formed – the process. Again this sounds simple, however, I’ve spent 15 years developing personal development and leadership skills and I can tell you it took me years to expertly guide YOU into your own beliefs. It’s not a nice place.

Often I hear people say “I am worthy!” Yet they live meagerly and have little or nothing to give back (a requirement for keeping what wealth you have). They simply do not believe it of themselves.

If you ARE worthy, talented, deserving, capable, supported and/or loved, your lifestyle would match those things.

I walk people right into their own subconscious mind. And we laugh! And we USE the process to create NEW beliefs in ourselves so that our lifestyle and bank accounts FINALLY MATCH WHAT WE BELIEVE about ourselves!

Part 2 Achievement: Self-Image and Beliefs of the ABSOLUTE ABUNDANCE & WEALTH Workshop Series will be held Friday October 5, from 9-1 at Executive Suites Training Center, Lafayette Village. THIS IS THE ONE you want BEFORE you set even one more goal! Why set a goal based on what you believe you can do now … BEFORE this workshop? What you believe now is NOT what you will believe at 1 pm on October 5!

This experiential workshop is non linear and designed to have you learn, apply, laugh and grow in awareness of your true and INFINITE potential – you know the potential with which you were born!

The 3rd Part Goal Setting is Friday Nov. 2, same times, same location. NOW you can set REAL goals that MATCH your true and NEW BELIEFS about your ability.

We have to make the effort. This workshop will be fun, informative and one person will walk away with a crisp $100 bill. It’s all designed with YOUR GREATNESS in mind!


If you are unable to attend, you can schedule a couple of hours with me, one on one. I’ll ask you questions and show you images that will clear things up for you initially. Then it will be up to you.

In either case, you can know absolutely what you BELIEVE by looking at your lifestyle and bank account. Then if it doesn’t please you as it is … it will be TIME to reshape those beliefs!

Just Keep Swimming

This drops of awareness blog reveals small lessons in growing your own conscious awareness.  The idea is that we learn best in small bits, applied in equally spaced intervals, over time. With each drop you may choose to ‘get something new for yourself,’ and then you begin to see that you actually DO have infinite potential! You were born with it and by now you know that it’s the collection of non serving beliefs that stop us from reaching even the smallest goal.

Linear, bullet pointed text works for some. Non linear experiential text works for many more. These drops are developed for real implementation of the skill, which eventually, if you ‘just keep swimming …’ you will find yourself face to face with what you want. And then you’ve heard ‘be careful what you wish for,’ right?

Children’s movies often have principled lessons embedded within. Yet if the parents do not ‘get’ the message, will it be lost on the children?  I saw Finding Nemo again this weekend, this time in 3D, with two of my darling grandchildren. What struck me was the character Dorie, beautifully articulated by Ellen Degeneres, was discussing principles and universal laws! Oh, yes, and levels of conscious awareness. I saw it and you would too, but I missed it the first time.

If you’ve been reading these drops over time (or even if not), which principle of success, universal law, and level of conscious awareness to which the musical phrase,  ‘just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming ….‘ refers?

What fun I thought it would be when I am watching films with my grandchildren, to figure out how very ‘smart’ the writers really are. They are embedding powerful, life changing information in sweet children’s tales.

Principle is Persistence, the 8th principle of success (Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill)! One of two principles that are absolute requirements in reaching goal, dream, intent, vision or any kind of success. The other and first of course is DESIRE. That would KEEP you swimming, would it not?

Law is Motion, everything is always moving; we’re either moving forward or backward toward our goal!  We can reach the top of M t. Everest taking only small baby steps, we just can’t stop!

Level is Discipline! At this level you are at a point that you can give yourself an order when no one is looking and you still do it! After that comes experience as you know, and in  this film, Nemo is finally reunited with his father.

The SECRET to all of this???

When you muster desire and persistence and get in action, and keep swimming, everything you desire is already moving toward you, as you are moving toward it. Nemo was looking for his father while Dorie and dad were ‘swimming’ to find Nemo. Leslie Flowers

And with persistence and discipline and ‘singing,’ pure Faith in our ability is acquired. With perfect Faith under your wing, whatever you desire is yours! You are moved through the three levels of creating an unwavering Faith in your abilities to the point where “you know you know it” and need no measurement as proof.

The smallest things in our every day environment are filled with these messages. Each time you recognize one consciously, you have taken one more small step up the mountain of conscious awareness.

Start looking at everyday things for a big surprise! I got one at the movies this past weekend. It came as a surprise to me, but was definitely intended by the movie makers.

The Outspoken Child

Were you an outspoken child?

Was yours the first hand raised, ready to risk giving the wrong answer, so you could be first?

Did parents or teachers frequently ask you to “please just shut up?”

Did you always have something to say on any subject?

Were you then ‘shut down’ by adults and authority figures, making you feel you weren’t being heard?

Did you FINALLY BELIEVE that you had nothing to say that anyone wanted to hear?

If any of these questions WERE YOU … now ask yourself this one …

Do you still BELIEVE these things? Likely you do. I do.

I am the epitome of that child. And it wasn’t until recently that I learned that I DID HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY, that I say it well, from a place of courage and wisdom, and that I SPEAK FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT FOUND THEIR VOICE!

I was almost 60 years old when I learned and took ‘to heart’ that those things I was told and believed about myself, MAY NOT BE TRUE … not NOW. [And it is likely they never were true.] So as a child often we are rebuked as a protective mechanism or make decisions to not take risks so we are not embarrassed in front of other children.

Now at 65, considered an expert in personal development after 15 solid years of study and application, there are those who have decided they don’t want to learn from me. They are adults and have their own internal conversation and perceptions born as a child who has them judge me and others based on beliefs of their parents and loved ones.

Now I am faced with peers who don’t care what I know or what I offer. They are more interested in making me wrong, gossiping and being jealous – than learning what they DON’T KNOW to grow themselves and even more important, to SERVE THEIR CLIENTS. It amazes me. Those I call on the carpet for being unprofessional, out of integrity, and gossips – your gossips with a reactive and low level of conscious awareness of people’s greatness, DON’T LIKE IT ONE BIT.

I learned from one of my mentors, Bob Proctor, that “what other people think of me is none of my business” with the assumption that I am not violating any universal law. We know of the law of polarity which is that there is ALWAYS good and evil present; no up without a down, etc. So there will always be those who appreciate you – and those who do not. So as long as I speak my Truth, I no longer care about those who are not all about learning what they don’t know and being of exemplary service to others. It is my hope that one day they will be. Unfortunately most people as another mentor of mine, Les Brown, says … most people ‘get it’ … but on their death bed.

I am doing what I love! Teaching people the things they didn’t know, to live into full abundance starting right now, our birthright, or things they knew but need to hear again from another voice because they have grown so much since they heard it the first time.  Hundreds have improved their joy in living this life when studying with me and THAT is my passion.

And my lesson in being the one who always spoke first, was to STICK WITH IT, overcome those who didn’t understand, to SPEAK for those with NO VOICE and to teach those who desire one.

For those who were always quiet and the observer children … you KNEW ME as I spoke the things you didn’t say while I took the heat. Either way, it’s time to speak your Truth and lead others to a higher awareness of our inborn infinite potential.


Exciting things on the horizon as we wind down 2012 and wind up 2013. For those not local to RTP NC, products coming your way to implement all that you have learned by reading almost 70 ‘drops’ of awareness! Thank you for your trust. Leslie Flowers



The 1st Baby Boomer Queen Arrives in the U.S.

1st Boomer Queen and 1st to Cross the Line …. What line?,  you may be thinking.

The FINISH Line!

Born in 1946, I am and always have been the consummate leader, innovator, a ‘doer,’ a teacher, a speaker, a singer, a mother, grandmother, friend, mentor, author … all of it!

At 65 years I completely reinvented myself BEFORE THE REST of the BOOMERS! That’s right!

When no one knew about the Innocent Spouse Law, I found out and told everyone! [click that link to read Jason Alderman’s article on Huffington Post].

I did all this so YOU up and coming BOOMERS don’t have to TRADE years or YOUR LIFE to learn what I already know.
No one was there to TELL ME! I’m here to help you!

What law?  The innocent spouse law … you know when married couples separate and you are convinced and believe staying married will best serve you, and you end up destitute?

Tens of thousands of boomer women have been left alone (divorce, death, etc.) after a lifetime of service, with NO MONEY, NO HOME, and NO SKILLS!

I listened to my husband of 30 years! I did what he said and got myself completely taken ‘to the cleaners.’


The IRS contacts me and says “you owe us $80,000 AND we’ll accept $5k/month in payment.” How lovely of them! All I was making was about $1200 a month!

How did that happen? Simple. My then husband filed BANKRUPTCY!!! So guess WHO the IRS comes after when your husband files? YOU!!! Yes, ma’am!!!

CHOICE: Sell everything and be homeless …  OR dig my heels in and DO SOMETHING INNOVATIVE!

WHAT DID I CHOOSE? Heels, baby, heels.

I was a good wife and mother, always worked part time, and did my share. Why should I live on the streets after 30 years, I ask you?


WHAT HAPPENED: After one year working with the lawyer, and $5000 later, $50,000 was REMOVED. “That leaves $15k for you and $15k for him to pay,” he said.

I got quiet. Not easy for me, if you know me or someone like me. “This is a great result. Do you want to appeal,” he asked. “YOU BET I DO!,” I said.

NEXT: 6 months later and $1800 more, ALL $80,000 was REMOVED from all my CREDIT REPORTS! 


What?? I didn’t mention was that the State also came after me for an additional $20,000?? That’s right, a total of $100,000 on MY SHOULDERS! The good wife and mother. The one who didn’t see anything like this coming my way. JUST LIKE YOU!!!  Why should I? When I married, we had joint checking accounts, and didn’t consider divorce.

RESULT: The State followed the path of the IRS and I was FREE AND CLEAR OF DEBT! I also had no retirement, home, or car. But I was ALIVE and WORKING!

THE BEGINNING OF A NEW LIFE: Bought my first home at 61, in my own name — a dream home on a lake — for $185K (regularly $285k), and live there still.

THE MORAL? Don’t trade valuable and precious years reinventing the wheel. Because I created new paths of change, you can bounce back in a New York minute!!


About Leslie Flowers, the 1st Boomer Queen

I have lived in North Carolina for 35 years. I have held various jobs, including serving as a flight attendant for U.S. troops during the Vietnam War. Throughout my life, I have been a student of spirituality and personal transformation. I have read Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Stephen Covey, Jerry and Esther Hicks, and plenty of others. I have always believed that anything is possible for people who are willing to aggressively work on themselves. I get inspired and lit up by helping people find their gifts. Last but not least, I always look forward to Sundays with my two children and four grandchildren.

How I am helping other Boomer Women

I help people tap into their infinite potential and prove to themselves that they are capable of more than they imagined. I do this in facilitated group coaching sessions, where people learn to use the power of the mastermind to harness their latent personal power. Women who have been through my workshops find that they are able to make as much money as men—or more. This is just one example of how I help people create performance breakthroughs.

I was trained by Bob Proctor (thought leadership), Steve Siebold (speaker certification), Christian Simpson (coaching), Michael Nicholas (coaching), and Roddy Galbraith (speaking). I also completed Landmark Education’s full curriculum for living and leadership. I have incorporated the best of what I’ve learned from the world’s best teachers and built my own distinct coaching methodology. I am truly doing what I love, and nothing gives me more fulfillment than helping others create lives that they love!

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