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Gimme the 7 ‘HOWs’ to Change … right NOW!

As I was looking through my FaceBook updates, I noticed so many people sharing wonderful things we can, might, and should do to be happy, wealth, healthy, in pictures, poems and phrases.

Rarely, however, do I see the “HOW!” I see why and what to do, yet for myself, I’m interested in the HOW, when I am inspired or motivated.

How much ‘stop doing this and stop doing that’ can we manage?
When does it become time for action?

Okay, we get it. I get it. According to you,  I ‘should’ stop this or that. So let’s say I AGREE! I do want to make a change!  Now what? Cat got your tongue? Easy to say — people should and shouldn’t — but where’s the MEAT? Or the juicy bits of the orange (per my friend Olalah Njenga).

Here’s the 7 HOWs  — your first few ‘get moving’ steps — whenever you are inspired to make a change.

  1. Start with identifying ONE behavior you will change. One small step is all you need to take.
  2. Jot down in a few words that particular behavior. i.e., “I am going to the gym three times a week starting today.”
  3. NOTICE when you find yourself ‘not wanting’ to go to the gym. i.e., it may sound like “I’ll start tomorrow,” or “no one else will know,” or “one day won’t make a difference.”
  4. Go anyway (or do it anyway). Just try it this once.
  5. Jot down what stopped you and the experience AFTER you made yourself go or do.
  6. Pat yourself on the back! You did it.
  7. Repeat the process.

It took years to develop habitual behaviors. Do we really think we can change overnight? Think about HOW you got that behavior. A little bit at a time.

Take smoking. You start with one. It tastes horrible. Then the next (regardless of the reason), and the next, consistently over time, until you have a full blown habit (mental and physical). Start small. You can climb to the top of a mountain using baby steps … you just can’t stop moving your feet!


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