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The 1st Baby Boomer Queen Arrives in the U.S.

1st Boomer Queen and 1st to Cross the Line …. What line?,  you may be thinking.

The FINISH Line!

Born in 1946, I am and always have been the consummate leader, innovator, a ‘doer,’ a teacher, a speaker, a singer, a mother, grandmother, friend, mentor, author … all of it!

At 65 years I completely reinvented myself BEFORE THE REST of the BOOMERS! That’s right!

When no one knew about the Innocent Spouse Law, I found out and told everyone! [click that link to read Jason Alderman’s article on Huffington Post].

I did all this so YOU up and coming BOOMERS don’t have to TRADE years or YOUR LIFE to learn what I already know.
No one was there to TELL ME! I’m here to help you!

What law?  The innocent spouse law … you know when married couples separate and you are convinced and believe staying married will best serve you, and you end up destitute?

Tens of thousands of boomer women have been left alone (divorce, death, etc.) after a lifetime of service, with NO MONEY, NO HOME, and NO SKILLS!

I listened to my husband of 30 years! I did what he said and got myself completely taken ‘to the cleaners.’


The IRS contacts me and says “you owe us $80,000 AND we’ll accept $5k/month in payment.” How lovely of them! All I was making was about $1200 a month!

How did that happen? Simple. My then husband filed BANKRUPTCY!!! So guess WHO the IRS comes after when your husband files? YOU!!! Yes, ma’am!!!

CHOICE: Sell everything and be homeless …  OR dig my heels in and DO SOMETHING INNOVATIVE!

WHAT DID I CHOOSE? Heels, baby, heels.

I was a good wife and mother, always worked part time, and did my share. Why should I live on the streets after 30 years, I ask you?


WHAT HAPPENED: After one year working with the lawyer, and $5000 later, $50,000 was REMOVED. “That leaves $15k for you and $15k for him to pay,” he said.

I got quiet. Not easy for me, if you know me or someone like me. “This is a great result. Do you want to appeal,” he asked. “YOU BET I DO!,” I said.

NEXT: 6 months later and $1800 more, ALL $80,000 was REMOVED from all my CREDIT REPORTS! 


What?? I didn’t mention was that the State also came after me for an additional $20,000?? That’s right, a total of $100,000 on MY SHOULDERS! The good wife and mother. The one who didn’t see anything like this coming my way. JUST LIKE YOU!!!  Why should I? When I married, we had joint checking accounts, and didn’t consider divorce.

RESULT: The State followed the path of the IRS and I was FREE AND CLEAR OF DEBT! I also had no retirement, home, or car. But I was ALIVE and WORKING!

THE BEGINNING OF A NEW LIFE: Bought my first home at 61, in my own name — a dream home on a lake — for $185K (regularly $285k), and live there still.

THE MORAL? Don’t trade valuable and precious years reinventing the wheel. Because I created new paths of change, you can bounce back in a New York minute!!


About Leslie Flowers, the 1st Boomer Queen

I have lived in North Carolina for 35 years. I have held various jobs, including serving as a flight attendant for U.S. troops during the Vietnam War. Throughout my life, I have been a student of spirituality and personal transformation. I have read Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Stephen Covey, Jerry and Esther Hicks, and plenty of others. I have always believed that anything is possible for people who are willing to aggressively work on themselves. I get inspired and lit up by helping people find their gifts. Last but not least, I always look forward to Sundays with my two children and four grandchildren.

How I am helping other Boomer Women

I help people tap into their infinite potential and prove to themselves that they are capable of more than they imagined. I do this in facilitated group coaching sessions, where people learn to use the power of the mastermind to harness their latent personal power. Women who have been through my workshops find that they are able to make as much money as men—or more. This is just one example of how I help people create performance breakthroughs.

I was trained by Bob Proctor (thought leadership), Steve Siebold (speaker certification), Christian Simpson (coaching), Michael Nicholas (coaching), and Roddy Galbraith (speaking). I also completed Landmark Education’s full curriculum for living and leadership. I have incorporated the best of what I’ve learned from the world’s best teachers and built my own distinct coaching methodology. I am truly doing what I love, and nothing gives me more fulfillment than helping others create lives that they love!


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