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The Outspoken Child

Were you an outspoken child?

Was yours the first hand raised, ready to risk giving the wrong answer, so you could be first?

Did parents or teachers frequently ask you to “please just shut up?”

Did you always have something to say on any subject?

Were you then ‘shut down’ by adults and authority figures, making you feel you weren’t being heard?

Did you FINALLY BELIEVE that you had nothing to say that anyone wanted to hear?

If any of these questions WERE YOU … now ask yourself this one …

Do you still BELIEVE these things? Likely you do. I do.

I am the epitome of that child. And it wasn’t until recently that I learned that I DID HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY, that I say it well, from a place of courage and wisdom, and that I SPEAK FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT FOUND THEIR VOICE!

I was almost 60 years old when I learned and took ‘to heart’ that those things I was told and believed about myself, MAY NOT BE TRUE … not NOW. [And it is likely they never were true.] So as a child often we are rebuked as a protective mechanism or make decisions to not take risks so we are not embarrassed in front of other children.

Now at 65, considered an expert in personal development after 15 solid years of study and application, there are those who have decided they don’t want to learn from me. They are adults and have their own internal conversation and perceptions born as a child who has them judge me and others based on beliefs of their parents and loved ones.

Now I am faced with peers who don’t care what I know or what I offer. They are more interested in making me wrong, gossiping and being jealous – than learning what they DON’T KNOW to grow themselves and even more important, to SERVE THEIR CLIENTS. It amazes me. Those I call on the carpet for being unprofessional, out of integrity, and gossips – your gossips with a reactive and low level of conscious awareness of people’s greatness, DON’T LIKE IT ONE BIT.

I learned from one of my mentors, Bob Proctor, that “what other people think of me is none of my business” with the assumption that I am not violating any universal law. We know of the law of polarity which is that there is ALWAYS good and evil present; no up without a down, etc. So there will always be those who appreciate you – and those who do not. So as long as I speak my Truth, I no longer care about those who are not all about learning what they don’t know and being of exemplary service to others. It is my hope that one day they will be. Unfortunately most people as another mentor of mine, Les Brown, says … most people ‘get it’ … but on their death bed.

I am doing what I love! Teaching people the things they didn’t know, to live into full abundance starting right now, our birthright, or things they knew but need to hear again from another voice because they have grown so much since they heard it the first time.  Hundreds have improved their joy in living this life when studying with me and THAT is my passion.

And my lesson in being the one who always spoke first, was to STICK WITH IT, overcome those who didn’t understand, to SPEAK for those with NO VOICE and to teach those who desire one.

For those who were always quiet and the observer children … you KNEW ME as I spoke the things you didn’t say while I took the heat. Either way, it’s time to speak your Truth and lead others to a higher awareness of our inborn infinite potential.


Exciting things on the horizon as we wind down 2012 and wind up 2013. For those not local to RTP NC, products coming your way to implement all that you have learned by reading almost 70 ‘drops’ of awareness! Thank you for your trust. Leslie Flowers




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