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Just Keep Swimming

This drops of awareness blog reveals small lessons in growing your own conscious awareness.  The idea is that we learn best in small bits, applied in equally spaced intervals, over time. With each drop you may choose to ‘get something new for yourself,’ and then you begin to see that you actually DO have infinite potential! You were born with it and by now you know that it’s the collection of non serving beliefs that stop us from reaching even the smallest goal.

Linear, bullet pointed text works for some. Non linear experiential text works for many more. These drops are developed for real implementation of the skill, which eventually, if you ‘just keep swimming …’ you will find yourself face to face with what you want. And then you’ve heard ‘be careful what you wish for,’ right?

Children’s movies often have principled lessons embedded within. Yet if the parents do not ‘get’ the message, will it be lost on the children?  I saw Finding Nemo again this weekend, this time in 3D, with two of my darling grandchildren. What struck me was the character Dorie, beautifully articulated by Ellen Degeneres, was discussing principles and universal laws! Oh, yes, and levels of conscious awareness. I saw it and you would too, but I missed it the first time.

If you’ve been reading these drops over time (or even if not), which principle of success, universal law, and level of conscious awareness to which the musical phrase,  ‘just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming ….‘ refers?

What fun I thought it would be when I am watching films with my grandchildren, to figure out how very ‘smart’ the writers really are. They are embedding powerful, life changing information in sweet children’s tales.

Principle is Persistence, the 8th principle of success (Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill)! One of two principles that are absolute requirements in reaching goal, dream, intent, vision or any kind of success. The other and first of course is DESIRE. That would KEEP you swimming, would it not?

Law is Motion, everything is always moving; we’re either moving forward or backward toward our goal!  We can reach the top of M t. Everest taking only small baby steps, we just can’t stop!

Level is Discipline! At this level you are at a point that you can give yourself an order when no one is looking and you still do it! After that comes experience as you know, and in  this film, Nemo is finally reunited with his father.

The SECRET to all of this???

When you muster desire and persistence and get in action, and keep swimming, everything you desire is already moving toward you, as you are moving toward it. Nemo was looking for his father while Dorie and dad were ‘swimming’ to find Nemo. Leslie Flowers

And with persistence and discipline and ‘singing,’ pure Faith in our ability is acquired. With perfect Faith under your wing, whatever you desire is yours! You are moved through the three levels of creating an unwavering Faith in your abilities to the point where “you know you know it” and need no measurement as proof.

The smallest things in our every day environment are filled with these messages. Each time you recognize one consciously, you have taken one more small step up the mountain of conscious awareness.

Start looking at everyday things for a big surprise! I got one at the movies this past weekend. It came as a surprise to me, but was definitely intended by the movie makers.


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2 thoughts on “Just Keep Swimming

  1. Yes, Leslie, I am using these principles for my health and well-being. Last year, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis because I lost five percent of my bone density, and the doctor wanted me to use prescription medication to remediate it. Instead, I chose to approach it from a holistic perspective, using a combination of nutrition, supplements and maintaining a level of physical activity that would increase my metabolism.

    The results are amazing. I gained five percent bone density. Of course, now, I have to continue this course of action for a lifetime. The resulting benefits have improved my total well-being, including cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.

    I am committed to continuing this course of action one day at a time.

    • How fabulous to hear Michaela!! These of course are timeless principles used by men for thousands of years (while we were using other principles)! Watch out when women get a hold of them! So happy all is moving forward as it should … without prescription meds! Woot! p.s. thank you for commenting. Anyone reading this will surely find inspiration abound!

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