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Learning to Earn!

You may already know that there are two kinds of imaginationsynthetic and creative.

Synthetic imagination is reworking former solutions to come up with a new puzzle or map to solve an issue.

Creative imagination is the entrance of an idea via universal energy that flows from form, to form (you and me), through form (us) and back into form (manifestation).

PROBLEM: Creative imagination is programmed OUT of us while we are in school.

How many times did I hear, “Leslie stop day dreaming and pay attention to the lesson!”?

Right. It was actually the DAYDREAMING that should have been cultivated … not the lessons!
But oh, well, so it is for all of us. We learn to shut down for the most part creative imagination. Some of us NEVER learn to evoke it again!

Creative imagination is required for success. Leslie Flowers 2012

All ideas are available to all of us. You can tell how true this is when you had an idea that you ‘let go’ and someone else, sometime later, executed your EXACT idea!

If you don’t grasp and hold the idea in your conscious awareness, fall in love with it and hold it top-of-mind, consistently and over time, unfortunately, it will never manifest for you.

Really, though it isn’t our fault. We simply were ‘unaware’ of what was happening. Now we know and we can DO something to ‘reprogram’ our selves and restore access to creative imagination.

3767729028_6278b420eaSpent quality time with my 4 grandchildren this weekend (ages 7, 7, 5, and 4) and here is what I noticed as I watched them play school, play American Idol, and all sorts of games ….

They only have CREATIVE IMAGINATION! There has been no time to ‘have’ former experiences from which to draw, as they just now are arriving at the age of reason. This is when their conscious mind is coming of age (forming).

It is beautiful to watch how they developed these games and characters. They were literally FLOODED with imaginative ideas, one after another, in what seemed to be a never-ending stream.

I cannot end this piece without giving you pointers on how you can rebuild and resurrect your creative imagination. For this type works with intuition and is the closest communications we humans will ever have with the Universe or God.

  1. Come up with one thing you really, really want. Note it is not what you need … what you WANT.
  2. Write it down as though 1) time and money were NOT ISSUES FOR YOU, and 2) you have ALREADY ACHIEVED IT.
  3. Add color, form, weather and others in the description.
  4. Add how you feel, having already achieved this dream!
  5. Revisit it weekly and tweak and add details to it.

Not only will you find you are ‘getting’ words and ideas creatively from the universe as they ‘pop,’ via Ethernet, into your head, you are also building the ‘mental muscle’ of imagination again!

And oh, by the way, you will like see this dream show up because the ‘feeling’ you have imagining yourself already having what you want with great detail, establishes the perfect vibration to attract whatever you need into your arena to see the dream fulfilled!


Photo source: http://epsos.de/


Characterization of God

MC900056759I caught the last 15 minutes of Joel Osteen’s weekly television show this morning. I rarely do, yet when I do, I always get an insight for myself. Today was no different.

Osteen talked about ‘God doing this,’ and ‘God doing that,’ to bring abundance, with a snap of his finger, into your life; bringing you from the back of the line to the front of the line, shifting the tides in your favor. He made God out to be a very busy man!

His presentation was speaker perfection … make a point, tell a story; make a point, tell a story … have a percentage of ‘feel good’ moments every so many minutes … the things I learned in 2009 from Speaker Expert Steve Siebold when I took his Gove-Siebold Workshop and became a certified speaker.

I noticed I saw for myself, I conjured up an image of God, as Osteen spoke — and gestured as God might, crossing his arms, granting wishes, changing the ‘wind,’ and I reminded myself that most all of us think in pictures, and images have us ‘feel’ a certain way, and the way we feel draws more of people with ‘that’ into our lives based on universal law. I saw a Santa-type, benavelent God. Do we each have our own unique character of God with which we establish quick rapport?

Osteen’s stories were motivating, Bible-based, and easy to understand, thereby boosting my own vibration and good feelings, further peppered with hope and gratitude — deriving the EXACT vibration for optimum co creation! As God moves to us, through us, and on to the next being, to be honored with this repeating process forever — we are in best harmony or flow with universal law when in the state of gratitude and love.

“I am the mirror of your greatness and you are the mirror of mine.”

“I shine an intense light in the world. How big my light appears to you is in direct proportion to the light you have within yourself.”

So I concluded that it is not the characterization of God that causes good fortune. It is using that image to find, match, and feel, and then generate the vibration of love and gratitude to quickly align, and co-create life in optimum abundance, by being precisely who and what we will attract. Consistently generating this feeling, the more we easily build Faith in the power of the universe to bring us the things we want.

“We bring up this perfect feeling at will by always and intentionally looking for the greatness in others.”

If we recognize love and gratitude in others it means we have it in ourselves. The more we purposely practice looking at people and situations this way — finding the good — the more often and quickly we are in collaborative alignment with God and universal law. As we ascend our personal mountain of conscious awareness leading us again to our genius and infinite potential, we look back and realize what seemed to be a convoluted path getting to this level, really was a simple straight line to live our unique purpose of service, and once again become one with all there is.


las-mananitasWhat if there was a technology that measured your growth and shifts in conscious awareness? How wonderful would that be? Well, in fact, there is such a thing! Let me tell you about shift-ware!

I am talking about self monitoring and measuring when practice of a new habit or way of being that you have intentionally improved, actually ‘takes over’ – that is, it now has the weight and intensity required to be the ‘habit of choice.’ The old ones (habits/beliefs) have had their teeth into us for so when a new habit actually ‘over writes’ an old habit (none of them ever disappear of course as you cannot erase matter and thoughts are things) is quite an undertaking and worth noting.

I have taken to looking at my own behavior as either from the ‘head’ (ego/belief driven) or the ‘heart’ (faith/intuition driven).  Both are available to us at all times, however, only ONE is prevalent in any given moment. And the most powerful one is typically the behavior or belief that limits our reaching our potential.

What better example of self monitoring shift-ware than in myself to explain?

Last week I was attending a wedding of a dear friend in Mexico.  Amid all the hub-bub (and believe me a Catholic wedding in Mexico is serious and has lots of lovely details) I found a two hour slot to nap. I needed it. On that Friday afternoon I crawled into my bed and closed my eyes. Situated at the end of the property, there was construction going on in the next building.

My old way of being would be to think “I’m going to call the desk and get them to stop hammering! How dare they disturb my nap time!” That’s the head, the ego, still showing up as the world revolves around me. Know the feeling?

What happened was astounding and instantaneous. What I heard myself thinking was “how wonderful that these people are working! They are blessed to be able to feed their families.”

With eyes closed, every time I heard the banging I smiled and the noise became the music that settled in my heart … and off to nap land I went!

When I woke up I wrote this down (while I have a perfect memory, sometimes I do forget) I saw that now my ‘heart’ was in charge, not my ‘head!’

I win! I thought! After 5 solid years of using the work I teach around living a principled life, what it takes to do that, how universal law plays a part, and understanding precisely how the mind works when it comes to personal results, here was an example … a great one!

There have been many others over these years … this was not the first, but it came with a cluster of other new habits that took ‘hold’ on that trip. It seems that all the work and practice is ‘popping’ left and right for me and I know it can for you.

You can operate your own ‘shift-ware’ by starting right now, regardless of your current circumstances. It costs nothing to do this. It takes time, yet it is not hard at all. Takes a bit of desire and persistence is all.

In January I will be conducting training online/conference that will provide an overview and deep understanding of how to begin the shift-ware process personally, and I’ll be the first to use an online support tool that has never been used in the corporate world before. It is in use by 10k students in universities only thus far. Besides the training calls, there is a highly interactive online classroom with deep analytics to capture your own shift-ware potential. Watch for details. It will be the first so will be at a very low price as I want to see the results, of course!

In the meantime, dear readers, I wish you a warm and wonderful holiday season, and I lift my glass to your prosperity burgeoning in 2013!

Did They Change? Or Was It You?

You have a mentor … someone who took you under their wing to train you in their area of expertise. Maybe you’ve had more than one.

You are grateful.

Your mentor knows so much about you, your plans, your strategies. They help you plan your business and personal growth.

You have a friend … a like-minded friend … one with whom you can talk about important things. You believe they are looking for your greatness, as you are seeking theirs.

There comes a time, however, when something doesn’t ‘feel’ quite right about being with them – either the mentor or the friend.

That’s your intuition … your Truth … it is the God-like piece in us (in every one of our cells, making us co-creators).

You notice your mentor stopped walking the walk! And talking the talk! When did they stop, you wonder?

You have noticed your friend talks the talk, yet when faced with giving up money to maintain their self-proclaimed integrity … nothing doing … they are taking the money!

Or have they always been out of integrity and you were not aware enough to notice it?

Or is it that YOU have grown … and they have not?

What matters here is that YOU have continued growing and moving up the mountain of conscious awareness … back toward your Oneness with all there is … just the same way you came into this world … a genius and with infinite ability.

YOU changed and grew and left them behind. Your vision of your place in the world has expanded … you see more intent, in-authenticities, and lack of values which were likely always there, but hidden from your view. You have a ‘bigger picture.’

They say people come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.  Easy to say ‘let them go’ isn’t it … when you are telling another to do this? Yet these long term relationships that you so counted on are challenging to let go as the ‘desire to belong’ is strong in all of us.

As a mentor I have experienced being ‘duped’ by a person that studied with me. I missed that they simply loved money more than people. Maybe I didn’t want to see it or believe it. What do you think?

After being mentored, I have found in several cases that my own mentors were completely out of integrity, inauthentic and money lovers rather than people lovers. For what they taught me intellectually I remain grateful and always will be.

Let me be clear. If you say you love people first and use money as a tool second, it has to be that way “all the time.” When you need money, you are inauthentic and out of integrity and not living up to your values, if you allow money to compromise your values. Your needs now come first … over people, integrity and credibility.

The point here is not to second guess yourself when you get a ‘feeling’ that they have changed and are not who they purport or have been pretending to be.

  • The mentor who snatches your confidential ideas and uses them without your permission to make money for themselves.
  • The mentor who drops you when you hold their feet to the fire …  speaking back their own words to them.
  • The student who promises to share your work one way and them simply breaks their word and does the opposite of their promise.
  • The friend who ‘shows up’ initially as integrative, yet over time, whose actions prove they are really and truly coming from lack and wanting money over all other things.

Always speak your Truth. You are likely speaking for others who have not yet found the courage to express their own voice. – Leslie Flowers


©Leslie Flowers June 2012, exponential personal growth expert, helps mature women re-engineer their businesses and their lives by steeping them in living life with principles, virtues, and higher awareness. Faculty member in Mindset Mastery at the Ultimate Life Company, with Bob Proctor, you can catch her programs on mastermind excellence and expert goal setting and achievement at their site. You may read her archived voluminous personal growth teachings — Drops of Awareness — at PathsofChange.com, which house each step on her own path of change over the past 10 years.

Proof of Faith

I remember being frustrated when I heard people say “just have faith.” Okay, I thought. How do you do that? Just have faith? For inside the word ‘just,’ lies a whole bunch of things to do and think about to ‘cause’ this thing called faith.  Faith in ourselves, our God, and our universe.

Faith is acquired in 3 simple steps according to Napoleon Hill’s work in Think and Grow Rich. They are simple and yet you likely already know that just because it’s simple does NOT mean people do what they know to do! That’s emotional intelligence and discipline wrapped up into one.

When we source faith in anything, the first step is it being ‘likely’ to or we expect it to happen. Then as we think about it, imagine ourselves in or around ‘it,’ consistently over time, we learn to have a ‘firm opinion’ that it will happen. And finally, exercising step 2 repeatedly has us BELIEVE it is ours. Nothing can change our mind. That’s pure faith. That message when sent to the Universe, returns precisely what we believe.

Here’s proof in a fun case study I’ve written for you so you can see that what we want and think about, positive or negative, is already on its way toward us. If we settle for anything less, what we wanted is then diverted or circulated to the ‘next’ person who wants it. Keep in mind we must be expecting what we want and most often NOT from typical sources.

As Thoreau said, “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success UNEXPECTED in common hours.”

The Study

Already aware gal pal called for a short coaching conversation. She had worked for months tirelessly and in love with a new company that would yield her over $200k in commissions in those few short months. I’d be working tirelessly too!

Then, out of the blue, she was fired! She never got anything in writing because she trusted the company and of course she did not get $.01 of the $200k due her. Yes, she did earn it all. You’ve been here … if she had the money to litigate, she wouldn’t need to litigate.

So her story, mantra, or the thing she said to herself repeatedly was “I’ll never see a dime of the money I earned from that company!”

When I heard those words, I knew what needed to be done to be sure she DID get the money … but not from THAT company, from an unexpected source!

Focusing on that mantra had her unable to even consider looking elsewhere for remuneration.

On our call I suggested she change that mantra and every time she caught herself saying “I’ll never see a dime of the money I earned at that company,” she would now say, “I will receive all the money I have earned, and it will come from another source.” And so she did!

Three days later she sent me a note that she had to talk with me right away. That the mantra ‘had worked!’  She had been very intentional about changing this ‘mantra,’ and guess what?

Here’s the rest of the story.

Seems someone she knew mentioned an mlm outfit that has a big payoff … my friend remembered “I signed up for that 18 months ago but I never did anything with it.” She called the person who enrolled her and to her surprise, he said, “where have you been? You have $1m in product in one leg! All you have to do is 40% of the work to earn big time (and a car) from this company!”

The Lesson: Taking her focus OFF ‘never getting paid’ and putting focus on ‘I will be paid’ AND ‘watching for it in unexpected sources’,’ proved that what she had earned faithfully was already sitting and waiting for her, but not from the original, expected source!

Let me know if you have a story that ‘proves faith can be created and developed’ please. I’d love to hear about it.

Female readers … would you take 3 minutes and answer 4 questions for my product line in development?

Either way, thank you for your continued readership.


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