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Learning to Earn!

You may already know that there are two kinds of imaginationsynthetic and creative.

Synthetic imagination is reworking former solutions to come up with a new puzzle or map to solve an issue.

Creative imagination is the entrance of an idea via universal energy that flows from form, to form (you and me), through form (us) and back into form (manifestation).

PROBLEM: Creative imagination is programmed OUT of us while we are in school.

How many times did I hear, “Leslie stop day dreaming and pay attention to the lesson!”?

Right. It was actually the DAYDREAMING that should have been cultivated … not the lessons!
But oh, well, so it is for all of us. We learn to shut down for the most part creative imagination. Some of us NEVER learn to evoke it again!

Creative imagination is required for success. Leslie Flowers 2012

All ideas are available to all of us. You can tell how true this is when you had an idea that you ‘let go’ and someone else, sometime later, executed your EXACT idea!

If you don’t grasp and hold the idea in your conscious awareness, fall in love with it and hold it top-of-mind, consistently and over time, unfortunately, it will never manifest for you.

Really, though it isn’t our fault. We simply were ‘unaware’ of what was happening. Now we know and we can DO something to ‘reprogram’ our selves and restore access to creative imagination.

3767729028_6278b420eaSpent quality time with my 4 grandchildren this weekend (ages 7, 7, 5, and 4) and here is what I noticed as I watched them play school, play American Idol, and all sorts of games ….

They only have CREATIVE IMAGINATION! There has been no time to ‘have’ former experiences from which to draw, as they just now are arriving at the age of reason. This is when their conscious mind is coming of age (forming).

It is beautiful to watch how they developed these games and characters. They were literally FLOODED with imaginative ideas, one after another, in what seemed to be a never-ending stream.

I cannot end this piece without giving you pointers on how you can rebuild and resurrect your creative imagination. For this type works with intuition and is the closest communications we humans will ever have with the Universe or God.

  1. Come up with one thing you really, really want. Note it is not what you need … what you WANT.
  2. Write it down as though 1) time and money were NOT ISSUES FOR YOU, and 2) you have ALREADY ACHIEVED IT.
  3. Add color, form, weather and others in the description.
  4. Add how you feel, having already achieved this dream!
  5. Revisit it weekly and tweak and add details to it.

Not only will you find you are ‘getting’ words and ideas creatively from the universe as they ‘pop,’ via Ethernet, into your head, you are also building the ‘mental muscle’ of imagination again!

And oh, by the way, you will like see this dream show up because the ‘feeling’ you have imagining yourself already having what you want with great detail, establishes the perfect vibration to attract whatever you need into your arena to see the dream fulfilled!


Photo source: http://epsos.de/


3 Secrets to Wealth Generation for Women … and (very smart) Men

Since man began keeping written records some 6000 years ago, records were kept by men, used by men, written for men, and kept secret from women. Men did business and practiced universal truths, laws, principles, and virtues until eventually those practices became habitual. While men operated businesses outside the home, women, operated inside the home.

The 1970s — when women began to take work outside of the home and women’s lib was on the scene — it seemed that this action was likely at least part of the source of the massive breakdown of western marriage. Divorce rates 40 years later for first marriages are at 50% and much higher for 2nd and 3rd marriages. Why is this important?

With marriages and families splitting apart, mature adult male role models were also disappearing! Now male adolescents had no mature male role models to emulate!  Just 75 years ago, families ran businesses together, communities spent time on projects – so there were plenty of adult men around. Today most young men don’t even have a father as a role model, let alone uncles, community members, church members, etc. What that means is that when men hit mid life and their own fear of dying, they revert back to adolescent behavior, and mature women woke up one day married for a long time … to a teen-aged boy! 

Even with the lack of male business role models, the habitual use of business tools articulated for centuries is now inherent and automatic for men, with or without role models, somewhat like the 100th Monkey Effect.  They have had the advantage in the business world without even knowing it.

Women are now deeply steeped in the business world – they are not just now entering it. Yet they come to this world without the business skills and tools that are already automatic for men. Women do have emotional intelligence skills from their centuries managing home and family, but those are not the business skills required to ‘get ahead’ in the business world and generate unimagined wealth.

Women don’t just want to earn the $.23 for each dollar that men do. They want more! The challenge is that because nearly all great works  were written by men and for men, those works may not resonate with women. More and more men are going home to manage family as more women are out in the business world so it is imperative women learn these skills, or remain behind men in pay earned, even for performing the same work.

The translation of these male oriented documented works — my legacy and my life’s work —  into a woman’s point of view goes a long way in having women gain these skills with alacrity, and collapse and EXCEED the pay gap in very short order.  Men who learn these business skills – or distinguish them intentionally – have a bigger advantage than women with those skills.

Keep watching as I will reveal those 3 simple business secrets so that women can enjoy unbridled and unimagined wealth … and so that the smart men that choose to learn and revisit them on purpose, will watch their revenue catapult exponentially. Wealth is ours for the taking. Few enjoy it due to this missing information. In the end it’s learning that is the miracle grow for human beings.


About Leslie Flowers, personal growth expert.

I help people tap into their infinite potential and prove to themselves that they are capable of more than they imagined. I do this in facilitated group coaching sessions, where people learn to use the power of the mastermind to harness their latent personal power. Women who have been through my workshops find that they are able to make as much money as men—or more. This is just one example of how I help people create performance breakthroughs.

I was trained by Bob Proctor (thought leadership), Steve Siebold (speaker certification), Christian Simpson (coaching), Michael Nicholas (coaching), and Roddy Galbraith (speaking). I also completed Landmark Education’s full curriculum for living and leadership. I have incorporated the best of what I’ve learned from the world’s best teachers and built my own distinct coaching methodology. I am truly doing what I love, and nothing gives me more fulfillment than helping others create lives that they love!

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